Hello World - FT Build Preview



So, last Christmas I ended up getting a tiny toy drone as part of a “White Elephant” game that my family plays every year. It was a total blast for about four minutes. But, the battery wouldn't charge. It was a White Elephant gift after all…

But, I was totally into the idea of flying drones so I started to watch any YouTube video I could get my hands on. In particular, I saw this video:

Seeing this was kinda like seeing a childhood dream come to life. Basically, these guys made their own Star Wars speeders. And they could see the action right as if they were flying in their toy drones themselves! Unreal.

So, fastforward six months later… I really had no idea what I was getting into with drones. It turns out that this hobby is a bit more hardcore that I would have thought and the learning curve is steep. You need a budget.

So Yeah, I Made Some Mistakes…

I made every mistake in the book and lost more toy drones that I can count. I've had to swat away my first attempt to build a drone with my transmitter after I tried to start it for the first time and it went flying right into my face.

The first Ready To Fly (RTF) racing drone I bought literally disappeared over the horizon after I panicked and hit the throttle.

When I did the first build with my FT 210 I installed the flight controller backwards and the drone turned into a spinning ball of propellers and then blue smoke.

But - It's a Blast

There was no feeling like flying my FT 210 in a part with full FPV for the first time. It really is amazing. After a few false starts (I'll blog about those later on) I finally had a successful build experience and put together a quad based on the Flight Test FT 210 frame.

This was in the beginning of the summer and I got a solid four weeks of playing with this. But, I always knew that my build was a bit of a mess and that I would have to rewire at the very least. So in the last crash the connector on the side of the power distribution board essentially snapped off. This is only an $8 fix but the entire copter needs to be taken apart to replace this piece.

Today I took everything off my frame except for the motors and ESCs. I ordered fresh 18 gauge wire and a flight controller with an integrated power distribution board. Also, I had to order a new transmitter and reciever since in a sort of weird coincidence my DS6 transmitter literally fell apart in my hand. Did I mention I threw in a new FPV camera and video transmitter that is ok for racing…

BTW you really do need a budget for this hobby. Some of that other stuff wasn't 100% neccessary but these upgrades were on my shopping list and honestly many of those parts were “budget” parts that I was rapidly growing out of. At any rate, here is my stripped down FT 210:

FT 210 Rebuild

This weekend I'm going to snap it all together. I'll try to document what I did and give you a parts list. So yeah - Hello World Blog Post!

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